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Did You Know?

That behind the scenes most major US Banks across the Country are quietly warehousing billons of dollars with the insurance carriers. why?

Did  you know that your standard "run-of-the-mill whole-life insurance policy is actually carrying a whole-lot-of FIRE POWER. - It just takes a team that truly understands the significance of GOOD cash--flow, & great leverage. 

Did you know that every time you send a dollar into the carrier in the form of premium, that dollar becomes leveraged for long term uninterrupted compound growth, and will go on to provide additional value to your estate the remainder of your life & thereafter. 


Did you know that when these policies ARE properly engineered they become excellent facilitators of cashflow and money movement, providing an individual ongoing opportunities to safe guard and warehouse cash reserves or any discretionary income - with no risk to the market!  


Did you know that as the tyrannical federal reserve continues to raise interest rates across all lines of credit, more and more people are now leveraging an out-of-the-box asset and turning to the insurance carriers for access to cheap money?


Do you know that some learning curves are worth their weight in GOLD


Work with us.  

It’s not about how much
money you make, but how
much money you keep.”

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Ideal Prospects

If the answer is YES to the following questions, you are an Ideal Prospect!

Do you want to...

  • Have Tax-Free Retirement?
  • Earn guaranteed interest on your money?
  • Know exactly when you can retire with guaranteed
    lifetime income?
  • Protect your income from creditors?
  • Eliminate fees to access your money?
  • Leave a legacy for your family?
  • Recapture all the money you spend on life expenditures?
  • Eliminate all of your debt?
  • Never pay interest to creditors again?

Would you like to have peace of mind that you
possess a real retirement "Plan?"

Work with us.

Benefits of Being Your Own Bank

Discover a financial career where you measure success by the good that you do. A career with Infinite Wealth Strategist offers you:

Borrow money from
your bank 24-7-365

Full Control of
payment schedules

Give you family their
financial power back

Build Wealth for
Future generations

We Are a Team of
Mapping Specialists!

Our Financial Mapping Strategists specialize in Cash Flow Optimization, a strategy that is going to maximize all earning potential while minimizing all future risks. It’s no secret that most of us spend a significant amount of time, money and effort on getting a job, but pay very little attention to managing the money we make once we have that job. Our Team understands that overall, people want to make good financial decisions that will set them up for success both today and in the future. The problem is that they have never had the opportunity to either learn how to do it for themselves, or have not partnered with the right firm to help pave the way. Our Team will not only help you pave the way but will also take the time to educate you throughout the process.

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Let’s get you
qualified for your
Own Bank Today!

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